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Inspired by people and how we move:smile:dance:worry or not with our thoughts are forever... photo::picture:::picture:::photo... Bringing back moments and memories we will remember forever.

Anonymous asked: Hi Nema, You spoke in our class at Temple and I was so impressed and happy that you took the time to be with us. Thank you. I do have one question--how are you funded? It seemed like a couple of students are 'closet photographers' and want to do more but don't have the time or means right now. Any suggestions?Thank you, Norma Alvarez

Hi Norma :

Thank you for the kind words : as it was my pleasure.

"I do have one question—how are you funded?"

Oh this Q.. I ask myself this Q everyday.. It’s a never ending Question.. ($$$) There isn’t a straight answer : I’ve had independent funding & also corporate @ times.. I’ve had fund raisers.. Grants.. I’ve worked for media team or worked to pay for it my-self.. I’m currently seeking all of these as options my-self.. A stressful reality that often block dreams. There isn’t really a direction answer or solution.. Without $$$ the ride stops & the kid cries. ;)


I met & photographed this sweet soul in 2008, returning to India in 2012 to find him in the same alley making chai. I had brought him a 4x6 copy of the images :: he doesn’t speak English but understood kindness. Bombay : India 2012 

Introduction to THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE. Jamel Shabazz, Akintola Hanif and Nema Etebar. Three photojournalists from three generations coming together under the HYCIDE umbrella. Filmed and edited by Cinque Northern exclusively for HYCIDE magazine. Score by Mello Mel.

India 2012

Kampala : Uganda 2012

Uganda : Africa 2012 ©

India 2012 ©

India 2012 ©

"Street Dreams"

Philadelphia : Pa 2007-2010