nema` etebar PHOTOGRAPHY

Inspired by people and how we move:smile:dance:worry or not with our thoughts are forever... photo::picture:::picture:::photo... Bringing back moments and memories we will remember forever.

Philadelphia : Pa 2014

I met & photographed this sweet soul in 2008, returning to India in 2012 to find him in the same alley making chai. I had brought him a 4x6 copy of the images :: he doesn’t speak English but understood kindness. Bombay : India 2012 

Introduction to THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE. Jamel Shabazz, Akintola Hanif and Nema Etebar. Three photojournalists from three generations coming together under the HYCIDE umbrella. Filmed and edited by Cinque Northern exclusively for HYCIDE magazine. Score by Mello Mel.

India 2012

Kampala : Uganda 2012

Uganda : Africa 2012 ©

India 2012 ©

India 2012 ©

"Street Dreams"

Philadelphia : Pa 2007-2010